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Race against friends to the front of various lines in a comic game of cards, strategy, ridiculous power-ups and zany characters!


You can play unPerfect Heroes: Battle Lines by sharing one deck of 52 cards or each player can have their own deck. Other than the base deck, Cosplay and Scared Stupid themed decks are in the works!


The object is to move forward on the board by beating the similar stats of your opponents! Rather than just beating one number, Battle Lines have the option of three, each with different consequences.

How to Play

LINE CUTTER decides whether to proceed with FIGHT, BRIBE, or CHICKEN OUT. The LINE CUTTER can nominate FIGHT or BRIBE if that outcome would be better or even CHICKEN OUT (all of which explained below) so keep this in consideration as you play cards. Meet or beat your opponents number to WIN!


Choose a scorecard scenario to play, start at the highest number and place your character markers.
Shuffle the CARDS. Players DRAW (5) cards each. This is your ‘HAND’ and is kept hidden from opponents.
Decide who will go first by weight, political views or something else that will raise tension, fastest marathon time, age or a duel. Be creative!
That player is now the “LINE CUTTER”.

A Turn

  1. The LINE CUTTER chooses an opponent to cut in front of that becomes the DEFENDER. In a two-player game your opponent should be obvious. The Defending Player lays out one TARGET card face up. If they don’t have one, move the LINE CUTTER 2 spaces on the scoreboard and go to step 9.
  2. The LINE CUTTER places one HERO card face up if able. Otherwise, proceed to step 9.
  3. The Defending Player may play a second TARGET card to back up (Add their stats together except for MOVE) the first.
  4. The LINE CUTTER now has a second chance to play a HERO to aid the first one they played, adding any relevant stats together (except MOVE). If the LINE CUTTER doesn’t play a second HERO but the Defending Player does, the LINE CUTTER is forced back a space, giving the defender a little reward.
    When up to two HERO up to two TARGET cards have been placed, the Battle Lines have been drawn and it is time for… BATTLE! IN LINES!
  5. Starting with the Defending Player each player takes turns laying down Junk ‘n Stuff to either help their characters or hinder their opponents or passes, when both players pass move on to the RESOLUTION step 7.
  6. RESOLUTION: Once all possible cards have been played each player compares their total relevant stats (1st Character + 2nd Character + any Junk ‘n Stuff) and if the LINE CUTTER meets or beats the Defending Players relevant stat then the LINE CUTTER is victorious!
  7. After movement is done resolve any BOARD EFFECTS (if you landed on a space with something to do, do it)
  8. Players discard all played cards plus any cards in their hand they don’t want to keep, draw new cards to replenish their 5-card hands, and the turn ends.
  9. Pass to the player to your left, who now becomes the LINE CUTTER.

Help Us Reach Our Kickstarter Goal