This is your opportunity to immortalize yourself in a real board game! We need to create up to 60 characters to take on the unPerfect Heroes in the three upcoming expansion decks. We figured, since we have to pay to make them anyway, why not let our fans be our inspiration?

Coolest thing is that it’s free for you!

All you need to do is fill in the form below. We’ll need a link to a social media page that shows what you look like for our artist to reference, as well as a description of what you imagine your character we be like in the theme you chose.

Be as accurate and descriptive as you can, and link to a photo of your face and/or body that you really want us to use as a reference, because, you only get one shot at it. And because we can’t use everyone, be creative.


You May Be a Character in an Upcoming Expansion!

Which theme do you wish this character to be in?

Would you like your name displayed in the credits on the website?

15 + 1 =