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The Waple Family is a rag-tag team of misfits who try to save the day but never seem to completely succeed.

How To Waple!


If there is no enemy or item on the board roll 4 dice to see what may be placed on the board from the Random Crap deck!


Roll 4 dice to see if the enemy moves on the predectid path or attacks the player!


Make your move! Fight, buy, sell, train, search, or just stand around like the Waple you are!


Pass the dice to the next player!

There’s plenty of skills to learn, items to find, baddies to run away from and exotic locals to visit like Pepe’s Motor Lodge or a Dark Scary Alley.

Will you tussle against Evil Biff with a Howitzer at Big Al’s Fat Camp or flee in terror from the One Man Polka Band at the Scam and Save?

Every adventure is unique and over the top with the most loseriest rag-tag team of misfits ever.

The Waples!

Help Us Reach Our Kickstarter Goal